SSI Display Module MOD 14

SSI Display Module MOD 14

Display with programmable outputs for Absolut-Encoder with SSI-Interface


MOD 14 - a programmable multifunctional display module for absolute encoders with SSI-Interface. Single-turn or multi-turn encoders with a resolution up to 25 bit and Gray-Code are suitable for operation. Display parameters are fully programmable. MOD 14 has the usual standardfunction of a display modul, but additional four control outputs, which can be programmed separately as comparator, cam switch or pulse switch. Easy programming by four front-panel keys.


For operation of absolute single- or multiturn-encoders with resolution up to 25 bit with serial SSI-Interface.


Scale factor, adjustment values and counting direction are free programmable.


Optically insulated control-inputs for electronic adjustment and storage of indicated value.


4 optically insulated control-outputs, which can be programmed separately as a comparator, cam switch or pulse switch.


2 optically insulated programmable analogue-outputs with resolution of 14 bit.


Optically insulated in- and outputs for parallel data in/out in Binary-, Gray or BCD-code. Through parallel inputs values for electronic adjustments or set off against the indicated value can be read in. Parallel outputs are useful for data output of the indicated value.

RS 485-Interface

Serial interface RS 485 for external control of all function of display modules MOD 14.


Type explanation

MOD 14
MOD 14- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
RS485 interface X X X X
Parallel interface X X X X
Analogue output X X X X
Programmable control inputs X X X X X X X X
Programmable control outputs X X X X X X X X
Display scaling X X X X X X X X
SSI interface X X X X X X X X

Technical data

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Technical Data
Supply voltage +10 ... 35 VDC
Power consumtion < 250 mA (< 150 mA, Vcc = 24 VDC)
Cycle time 5 ms
Display range -9999999 ... 99999999
Display rote 7-Segment-LED-Anzeige 8-stellig mit 14 mm Ziffernhöhe
8-digit 7-segment red LED display, 14 mm high
Data memory EEPROM
Operating temperature 0 ... +50°C
Connections Klemmleiste / Terminal block
max. 1,5 mm²
Sub-D-Stecker /Sub D connector
Weight < 0,6 kg
Protection class Frontplatte / front: IP 50
mit Schutzgehäuse / with protective cover: IP 54
Rückseite / rear: IP 20
SSI interface
Clock frequency 125 kHz
Clock output RS485
Clock input Optokoppler RS485
Control inputs
Circuit Optokoppler
Input level Low 0 ... +5 VDC
Input level High +10 ... 35 VDC
Input restistance 1,8 kOhm, Uin = 24 V
Control outputs
Circuit Optokoppler
Supply voltage max. +35 VDC
Output voltage min. Vcc -3,5 V, Iout = 50 mA
Output current max. 50 mA
Analogue Voltage-Output
oltage range -10 ... +10 VDC
Resolution 1,22 mV = 14 Bit
Offset error max. 1 mV (T = 25°C)
Output current max. 10 mA, kurzschlussfest / short-circuit proof
Analogue Current-Output
Current range -20 ... +20 mA
Resolution 2,44 µA = 14 Bit
Offset error max. 2 µA (T = 25°C)
Burden max. 550 Ohm
RS485 interface
Circuit RS485

SSI Display Module MOD 14
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SSI Display Module MOD 14

Version ZE 607-203 · Subject to change

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