Standard Encoder EE 107

The optical incremental shaft encoder EE107 is an angular measurement device whose advantage is the combination of compact electrical design, high resolution, sine/cosine-signals with high angular accuracy, widened temperature range and high protection class.

Mounting space in depth is 65 mm including shaft gasket and 59 mm without shaft gasket. The encoder shaft is available in every diameter from 6 mm to 12.7 mm, slot and spring design is possible. Dimensions of the square flange are 80 x 80 mm.

The encoder can be manufactured with resolutions up to 500,000 pulses per revolution. Within the resolution range from 1 to 6,000 every number of pulses is possible.

Supply voltage is available with the following combinations:

5 VDC with RS422 line driver or
10 - 30 VDC with push-pull 3 or 6 channel outputs.

The presented STANDARD ENCODER EE107 is also available with sine/cosine-signals of 1 Vpp and angular measurement accuracy of 5° with a supply voltage of 5 or 10 - 30 Volts.

Because of the high maximum rotational speed of 12,000 rpm EE107 can be mounted directly to a motor. Operation temperature is 0° to +80° Celsius, on request the range can be widened either from -20° to +110° Celsius or from -42° to +110° Celsius. EE107 is shock resistant up to 200 g. Protection class is IP 65. IP 68 is also available on request.

EE107 is manufactured with cable outlet or connector mounted on the side. The standard cable has a length of 1 m. On customer's request longer cables can be assembled.

The STANDART ENCODER EE107 is especially suitable for applications in high speed drives and for high precision positioning tasks.

  • Optical incremental shaft encoder
  • Square flange 80 x 80 mm
  • Compact electrical connection
  • Sine/Cosine-signals - phase tolerance 5°
  • High resolution up to 500,000 pulses per revolution
  • Temperature range -42°...+110° Celsius
  • Protection class IP 68

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