Euro Absolut Encoder EA 38 und CAH 38

INDUcoder presents its smallest optical EURO ABSOLUT ENCODER:

Optical absolute single-turn encoder EA38 with shaft or CAH38 with hollow shaft

For EA 38 as well as for CAH 38 package diameter is only 38 mm. The standard package diameter for commercially available absolute single-turn absolute encoders is 58 mm. Therefore, in advantage for the user, our compact design of the absolute shaft encoder or absolute no shaft encoder needs very small mounting space.

The load of the ball bearings of 30 N radial and 20 N axial as well as the high shock resistance of 490 m/s² guarantee high operation reliability even under rough environmental conditions.

Both absolute single-turn encoders are available with resolutions of 64 or 256 steps per revolution, respectively. Data format for output is in single step Gray code with negative logic. Supply voltage for EA 38 and CAH 38 is available with the following combinations:

4.5 VDC to 13 VDC and open collector output with or without internal pull-up resistor or
11 - 26 Volts with open collector output.

The cable outlet is mounted on the side and the standard cable has a length of 0.5 m. On customer's request longer cables can be assembled. As accessory an adaptor flange with 50 mm centring device is available for the absolute single-turn shaft encoder EA 38, to take advantage of its compact design, even at places where mounting accessories for the standard size single-turn shaft encoders with package diameter of 58 mm are already installed.

  • Optical absolute single-turn encoder with shaft or with hollow shaft
  • Package diameter 38 mm
  • High shaft load
  • High acceleration

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